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Laidley Street Cottage

Red Dot Studio

Laidley Street Cottage

Like much of San Francisco’s housing stock, the Laidley Street Cottage was becoming out of date. Built to last 100 years, the home was at the end of its useful life with all building systems needing upgrading. Originally, the home was an existing rear yard cottage. In the redesign, additional square footage was modest and focused on right sizing property to the site while adding new building systems and daylit design. The Laidley Street Cottage now has a friendly window filled façade, but the fence and gate extends generously to the front yard. The master bedroom has a private rear garden, and the guest bedroom has a balcony, providing yet more indoor-outdoor connections. Outdoor space becomes part of the daily living area of the home. The Laidley Street Cottage’s attainable scale and outdoor oasis help foster a livable city for the next 100 years.

Photo Credit: ©Jake Stangel

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