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Forgotten Transitions: Bike Tour

September 23,  10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Starting Point: 13th & Mission

AIA Member: $20 | General: $30

On the corner of Mission and 13th Street is a worn plaque proclaiming the location where Woodward's Gardens once stood. Today, the site is an unassuming and blighted brick building sitting adjacent to a freeway overpass, but 130 years ago the site held a zoo and museum on the side of a steep hill.
Woodward's Gardens was considered out of town and was a bucolic get-away for San Franciscans seeking amusement. But, one would never guess this while standing in front of Woodward's Gardens plaque. Why was this grand structure and the massive hill it stood on eviscerated? The tour focuses primarily on large scale transformations where land forms were completely wiped out or entire neighborhoods were leveled such as in the case of Woodward’s Gardens. We will address questions about this transition and many other forgotten transitions including the Embarcadero Freeway, Japantown, the Central Freeway, Seal Stadium, The Panama Pacific International Exhibition and many others. Some of the transitions we will visit have augmented San Francisco's rich culture, and some have arguably destroyed its culture.

Questions we will consider on the tour are: At what cost is history worth saving? Can we preserve our past while continuing to build for our future? How do we decide what to keep? What will future generations want to preserve? The ride will vary between three and five hours dependent on the speed which we ride and the length of the stop.
The ride will be moderately strenuous and will be entirely on open streets, so reasonable physical condition and helmets are required. Bring bottled water and light snacks. Maps will be provided. Tour will be led by Brandon Baunuch.
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