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THANK YOU to our sponsors, community partners, program organizers, volunteers and attendees for joining us to celebrate the 16th annual Architecture + the City festival theme, "We the City"!


From Hayes Valley to the 61st floor of Salesforce Tower, we walked together through the ever-changing landscape of our San Francisco neighborhoods to explore how cultural diversity and connectivity inspire and inform the built environment. 


Thank you to the homeowners who welcomed us into their private spaces and offered a holistic San Francisco Living: Home Tours experience that provided a narrative exemplifying how we are connected. We hope that you stumbled upon a nugget of information that offered fresh perspectives about our beloved City and continue to be part of the ongoing conversations that will help us all understand how we can seamlessly connect the present urban community for a more deliberate, livable San Francisco.

Each year the festival explores and reveals the many layers of historic San Francisco and how ­architecture and design play a key role in the ever-changing urban landscape.

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