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For press inquiries contact:

Matthew Donohue

AIASF/Center for A+D Communications Manager

We’ve included suggested marketing language for you to share with your communities below. Through outreach and collective efforts, we hope to share new opportunities and encourage engagement. 

Press Releases

AIA San Francisco Opens the Center for Architecture + Design on September 8 | 8/29/2023

AIA San Francisco Announces Selected Projects for the 2023 AIASF Home Tours | 7/29/2023

Press/Social Media Images

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Newsletter Text

The 20th annual Architecture + the City Festival is back and [your organization's name] is proud to announce that we’re an official Festival Partner!  

From September 8-30, the festival continues to offer behind-the-scenes programs, walking tours, home tours, conversations, and more that provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to experience architecture and design in a myriad of ways throughout the city. 

View the festival schedule and register for your favorite events at 

Social Media 

  • (Your Company) is excited to announce this year’s #archandcity festival! Join the Center for Architecture + Design and AIA San Francisco from Sept 8-30 for events celebrating San Francisco’s unique built environment and design community. Purchase your tickets today!  

  • The 20th Annual Architecture + the City Festival, happening from Sept 8-30, features events including exclusive home tours, an authors showcase, lectures, panel discussions, and more. Register for your favorite events on 

  • Architecture + the City, one of the nation’s largest architectural festivals, turns 20 this year and we'll be celebrating all month long from Sept 8-30! Register for events during the three-week-long celebration #archandcity at 

  • Don't miss any of the signature Architecture + the City Festival #HomeTours this year. Experience the positive impacts of great residential design on September 23rd. Spots are limited, get your tickets today  

  • Be part of conversations during the 20th Annual Architecture + the City Festival featuring speakers covering topics from designing people-focused housing to coping with climate anxiety. Secure your spot!  



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AIA San Francisco

Instagram: aiasf

Twitter: aiasf

Facebook: aiasanfrancisco

LinkedIn:  AIA San Francisco

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