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The Secret Sketchers

September 7, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

SFMOMA, 151 3rd Street (enter from Howard Street)

AIA Member: $10 | General: $20


This event has passed and sales have ended.

Everyday we walk in the city and built-environment with ideas and visions. These go away quickly as we blink. What if we take a step back, take 20 minutes to pause, observe, enjoy, meditate and document by sketch? What if we decided to take a break from letting the computer manage our thoughts, what if we are not afraid of making mistakes? Let's explore our surroundings by our first gut feelings and find our ability to observe and freely express our emotions of the city. This presentation will be a fast-paced presentation including a group of active sketchers from the Bay Area. Through 20 seconds of 20 slides, each presenter will foster deeper thoughts and conversations about the opportunities we may have missed in such a fast-moving city.



Sight & Sound: Elements of Restaurant Design

September 11, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

AIA Member: $25|General: $30

This event has passed and sales have ended.

Restaurant dining is more than just eating out, it is a form of entertainment. A well-designed restaurant can completely enhance the experience of the food. Diners judge a restaurant environment according to their perception and emotion, and great interior design can foster word-of-mouth marketing long after the meal is over. As in the menu compilation, the colors, the lighting, the temperature, and the acoustics should all support pleasurable eating. Sometimes, it is all about the sensual nature of materiality: a beautiful table made of wood, a texture piece of a chair, the wallpaper, the choice of the glassware. How does the interior design of a restaurant change the culinary experience? What is it that provides an emotional response to food and space where we eat? What are the hidden interior details that can have a positive impact on the overall experience and inspire people to keep returning to a restaurant? Join AIASF and Center for Architecture + Design at DSEGNARE to find out! Moderated by Cardenio Petrucci, founder, DSEGNARE.


Presenters (pictured above counterclockwise L-R)

Joshua Aidlin, AIA, Aidlin Darling Design

Hannah Collins, Hannah Collins Design

Cass Calder Smith, AIA, CCS Architecture

Olle Lundberg, Lundberg Design

Patric Yumul, President, Mina Group

Ultimate Insiders’ Guide

September 14, 7:00 – 9:00 PM


432 Octavia Street

Suggested donation: $10 (Registration required)

This event has passed and sales have ended.

Designers from San Francisco Public Works will share images and stories of their favorite San Francisco hidden gems on Proxy’s big screen. Join these “ultimate insiders” for a fun evening celebrating our unique city, and snag a limited edition postcard of your favorite secret spot.

GOOD Design:
Future Sanctuary | San Francisco 2028

September 21, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

AIASF and Center for Architecture + Design

130 Sutter Street, Suite 600

AIA Member:  $15| General Admission: $25

This event has passed and sales have ended.

Now in its 10th year, AIASF and the Center for Architecture + Design celebrate the GOOD Design legacy with a design charrette examining the role of design in shaping San Francisco as a sanctuary city.  Political instability, climate change, famine, failing infrastructure, water shortages, and lack of affordable housing and other essential resources threaten the world’s most vulnerable. These conditions send millions of refugees fleeing their homelands for a better life anywhere else. San Francisco, along with many other cities, has declared itself a sanctuary city: a refuge and a home for people who do not have a place elsewhere. Yet we are not immune to these conditions. While our city is secure—while we are in fact secure enough to offer refuge—we are a coastal city with aging infrastructure and a cracked sea wall, whose food comes from the Central Valley, in a region awaiting “the big one.” We may become refugees in our own city. While we grasp the severity of these apocalyptic predictions/scenarios, they remain abstract in a far-off future. GOOD Design 2017 will ask to imagine that future. What shape will the city become? Where will we find refuge, and what will we surrender? What will San Francisco become? THE CHALLENGE: What does the Future Sanctuary City look like?  

Perspectivas 2017 Lecture:

Tatiana Bilbao

September 25, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Timken Lecture Hall at California College of the Arts

1111 Eighth Street

AIA Member:  $5| General Admission: $10

CCA Students/Staff/Faculty: Free (must present ID/registration required)




Join LiA (Latinos in Architecture) for an evening with award-winning Mexican Architect Tatiana Bilbao. Through a multicultural and multidisciplinary office, the work of Bilbao tries to understand the place that surrounds us in order to translate its rigid codes into architecture. It tries to regenerate spaces in order to humanize them as a reaction to global capitalism, opening up niches for cultural and economic development.  In 2004, she founded Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, working in projects in China, Europe and Mexico. The first project built by her studio was the exhibition pavilion in Jinhua Architecture Park, led and coordinated by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who selected a group of young architects from around the world to design and develop a large park organized by a network of pavilions and located in the shore of the Yiwu River, close to Shanghai. Bilbao designed an exhibition pavilion that was completed in 2007.

Architects' Forum:

Private Lives of Private Spaces

September 28, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Cambria Gallery, 1045 Bryant Street

Home Tours Ticketholder: Free (RSVP required; ticketholders will be notified with details)

AIA Member: $15 | General Admission: $25

This event has passed and sales have ended.

The cultural role of the private home alternates between the rivalry of shelter and stage. So how is privacy conceived in an era of ubiquitous virtual over-sharing? Join Home Tours Architects and Clients at an evening discussion of five contemporary responses on the following:

  • What job does the home perform when working lives are blurred throughout our day?

  • What destiny waits for the public nature of cities when private homes become densely urban while offices shift to suburban and dispersed? 

  • Are any returns owed to public life by private space?

  • What is the responsibility of the architect to the public to express the private functions inside?

  • What is the definition of home when the boundaries between the private and the public are unclear and how has it manifested itself in current residential design?


Malcolm Davis, Principal, Malcolm Davis Architecture

Andrew Dunbar, AIA, Principal, INTERSTICE Architects

Anne Fougeron, FAIA, Fougeron Architecture

Luke Ogrydziak, AIA, Principal, Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects

Cass Calder Smith, AIA, Principal/CEO, CCS Architecture


Moderator: Kenneth Caldwell

My Favorite Secret

September 28, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

SPUR, 654 Mission Street

AIA Member: $5| General Admission: $10 | SPUR Member: Free

This event has passed and sales have ended.

Whether it’s a concealed door that leads to a speakeasy, a hidden garden unknown to the outside world, or a piece of history long forgotten, everyone has a secret that they hold dear. Join us for an evening of mysteries and enigmas as a slate of presenters reveal the hidden elements of the world that most appeal to them. 

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