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Hybrid Workplace Strategy + Wayfinding: Pinterest Tour

Friday, September 16, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Meeting point and important info to be emailed approx. 3-5 business days prior to day of tour; proof of vaccination is required for this tour.

AIA Member: $20 | General: $35 | Student: $10



The San Francisco Pinterest Wayfinding project uses a light graphic application to reformat the Pinterest offices for the future of hybrid work. Based upon the existing column grid, a numerical system of bays defines the perimeter workspaces and the shared social spaces within the core. This numerical system allows Pinterest employees to reference permanent architectural waypoints and the respective floor with a simple, three-digit number that simultaneously reinforces the radial arrangement of the meeting rooms throughout both buildings. By studying the circulation paths of the building, a matrix of hierarchical signage directs people through the space in an efficient manner. Finally, a complementary color scheme and illustrations reinforce the understanding of verticality by referencing local landmarks throughout San Francisco often visible through the views of the building.

Joe Lawton, Principal, Valerio Dewalt Train, SEGD, AIGA
Andrew McCormack, Designer, Valerio Dewalt Train, AIGA, SEGD, Associate AIA
Yonglin Chen, Designer, Valerio Dewalt Train, SEGD, AIGA
Kathy Aberin, Head of Design + Construction, Pinterest

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