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Festival Home Tours

We are pleased to announce this year's projects for the 2022 Home Tours! Co-presented by AIA San Francisco in collaboration with the Center for Architecture + Design, the annual Home Tours program promotes residential design from the architect’s point of view and showcases a variety of architectural styles, neighborhoods, and residences. We hope you will join us this year as we continue showcasing a variety of architectural styles and contemporary renovations and explore housing trends and discover innovative design solutions that inspire unique living scenarios.

NOTE: Please read Festival Home Tours Rules before purchasing tickets; program is subject to change or cancellation based

on COVID-19 directives.



"Above the Dune" Surf House

VIP (Talk + Tour) | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Student $30 | AIA Member $75 | General: $90

Limited VIP tickets available; includes light snacks

Tour Only | 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Student $25 | AIA Member $50 | General: $60

Architect: Ross Levy⁠ (Levy Art + Architecture)⁠

Interior Architect/Designer:  Frances Weiss⁠ (Levy Art + Architecture)⁠

Neighborhood: Outer Sunset

Completion Year: 2021

Photographer: Joe Fletcher

About the Home

Levy Art & Architecture transformed this Marina-style house into a laidback lookout on Ocean Beach. Stretching above the sand dune, the expanded third-floor living space and roof deck afforded a surf-focused homeowner and his family the ultimate lookout.


The architects worked from top to bottom and revealed vertical spaces that make the house feel and live much larger than its 2350 sq ft footprint. They set the entry on the split level, up from the street, to resist sand and wind and to heighten that experience even more. Ascending that half a flight on a wide stair, you’re drawn through the middle level on a cable suspended stair to the top, the lookout. Here the architects added minimally, 150 square feet, almost all glass, and a new deck directly in front for the best vantage up and down the beach.



The new living space is under a 10-foot ceiling with natural light from 4 sides via clerestories. They define the rooms and even the light-reducing ocean glare. A small sitting area and the kitchen at the back are cozy, under the original ceilings. Finally, we suspended a deck off the back wall to support a ladder to the roof to service the solar panels and to get a bigger view, and make a better call on the waves.


The interiors (by Melissa Todd and Frances Weiss) are beach-y but contemporary. The architects added an organic and textural layer of materials including warm-toned wood and a mix of Cle, Fireclay, and Heath tiles in earth and watercolors to ground the space in its natural environment. The effect is restrained yet welcoming, simultaneously curated and laid back.

Text Source: Levy Art + Architecture

About the Home

This home was a collaboration with jones | haydu and Kevin Sawyers of Sawyers Design, who is also part owner of the residence. Kevin and his husband wished to remodel and expand their existing earthquake cottage that had been added onto piecemeal over the years, transforming these awkwardly connected rooms into an open, harmonious space. Given the existing footprint covered much of the lot, the goal was to make the most of the house's relationship to this unique site. 

The circulation for the site and house is a straight axis, interacting with the building’s forms as they ascend to the main entrance. Continuing at the interior, one’s experience along this axis is always anchored on the downhill end by Sutro Tower, and on the uphill end by a magnificent Monterey cypress tree. 



Dolores Heights Residence

Architect: jones | haydu

Interior Designer: Sawyers Design

Contractor: Jeff King & Company

Structural Engineers: Strandberg

Engineering Land Surveyor: Geometrix Surveying Engineering Inc.
Geotechnical: Rockridge Geotechnical
Title 24 Consultant: Energy Calc Co

Neighborhood: Eureka Valley

Total Gross Building Area: 3,179 Sq. Ft.

Completion Year: Summer 2021

Photographer: Matthew Millman Photography

The forms of the house nest with each other, highlighted by their material palette of cedar, standing seam metal, and cementitious panels. These forms, along with the interior palette, create rooms within a wide-open plan. The crescendo of forms occurs at the front, nodding to quintessential San Francisco vernacular architecture. An “inverted" Bay window box cantilevers eight feet from the facade highlighting three experiences of the “urban forest”. Below is an exterior fire pit for the forest floor. Inside, the box frames a view of the “trunk” level. Above, a roof deck extends the living room, allowing an experience of the “canopy” level. At this deck the backdrop is that almost child-like expression of home, a gable.

Text Source: jones | haydu website


VIP (Talk + Tour) | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Student $30 | AIA Member $75 | General: $90

Limited VIP tickets available; includes light snacks

Tour Only | 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Student $25 | AIA Member $50 | General: $60

Dolores Dwellings

Architect: Winder Gibson Architects

Interior Designer: Winder Gibson Architects w/

Contractor: Barron Construction

Structural Engineers: Double D Engineering
Geotechnical: Rockridge Geotechnical
Title 24 Consultant, MEP Engineering: GMEP

Neighborhood: Noe Valley

Site Area: 2,937.5 Sq Ft

Completion Year: 2022

Photographer: Jake Dudley, Open Homes Photography

About the Home

This project is a multifamily infill on a prominent urban site at the intersection of 24th St and Dolores St. The project replaces a small single-family home with a new 3-unit building, achieving the maximum density permitted and bringing much-needed housing to this desirable area of San Francisco. 

The building consists of a ground-floor garden unit with 3 bedrooms, a single-level middle unit with 2 bedrooms and a walk-out terrace with views of the skyline, and a two-story 4-bedroom upper unit with a reverse floorplan, positioning the kitchen/living/dining under the dramatic vaulted gable roofline. The variety of unit sizes is optimized to provide for a diverse assortment of urban families in this neighborhood. 



As a corner site, this building was designed to be seen in the round and to be appreciated at the slow pace of the pedestrian as well as the faster speed of the car. Its form riffs off the gabled Edwardian across the street, creating twin pillars at the gateway between Noe Valley and the Mission District. An architectural echo through time.


The materials include heat-treated silver-grey wood siding, a standing seam metal roof, a mid-level in black siding, recessed to allow the upper volume to float, and a basalt stone base to anchor. The light airy interiors are customized to the needs of each unit. This is truly a boutique multi-family project. The building has been lovingly crafted by Barron Construction.


VIP (Talk + Tour) | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Student $30 | AIA Member $75 | General: $90

Limited VIP tickets available; includes light snacks

Tour Only | 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Student $25 | AIA Member $50 | General: $60


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