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Steep Urbanist

Wednesday, September 14 | 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Meeting point to be emailed to registrants.

AIA Member: $20 | General: $35 | Student: $10


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San Francisco drapes its urban grid over 48 hills. The streets undulate like rollercoasters, snaking around contours of land, rupturing to reveal concrete walls bisected by vegetated staircases. Architecture must subterraneously burrow or perch on stilts to contort liveable horizontal planes into diagonal stratum. To move through the city is to inhabit volumetric space.

San Francisco’s steep surfaces present themselves to one another, functioning as both the raked seats of a theater and the elevated stage, at once observer and the observed. Neighborhoods engage in a constant call and response, a push and pull of movement and everyday life, which distorts distance while amplifying perspective, often rippling beyond the physical into the social.

Participants are invited to become Steep Urbanists — joining in moving together through the spaces that result when human geography, topography, and infrastructure intersect. Steep Urbanists will be encouraged to climb staircases and dance through the theatrical condition of San Francisco’s steepest streets while engaging with narratives of its architecture, urbanism, history, ecology, geography, and art.


Lina Bondarenko is a Steep Urbanist, an expert, devotee, and designer of the spaces that result when human geography, topography, and infrastructure intersect. She designs architecture with Red Dot Studio and teaches design at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts High School in San Francisco. Lina’s previous affiliations across the built environment include BIG, REX, IDEO, and Gehl. She grew up dancing in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco, and has lived in New York, Copenhagen, Florence, Moscow, and Kyiv. Lina holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University and was a postgraduate research fellow at Strelka Institute, where she co-founded the augmented urban reality platform, Patternist.

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